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O breathe on me, O breath of God Fill me with life anew That I may love the things you love  and do what you would do. I was not one who hemmed and hawed over my decision to be … Continue reading

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In Memory

There have been blessings in my life that I didn’t deserve, all because I have a strong memory. A strong memory meant high grades, impressive test scores, a large vocabulary, all those things that put a person on a prosperous … Continue reading

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Truly Present

As the world agrees to move Daylight Savings Time earlier and earlier in the year, I feel more and more like I’m being lied to. This morning the sun’s light said just-past-dawn when it was long past the time I … Continue reading

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Catholics Come Home

When I was growing up,and for many many decades before that, raising a child to be a Red Sox fan was a questionable parenting choice. Maybe the best thing you could say about it was that it would give you … Continue reading

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Stuffed with grace

What part of speech is “religious”? If you answered “adjective” you’re right, except, of course, when religious is a noun. Now remember: a religious is religious, but you can be religious without being a religious. Teaching is difficult for countless … Continue reading

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They’ll know we are Christians by our love.

Something awful happened today. The shooting of Congresswoman Giffords is a specific, personal tragedy, and I don’t want to distract from it’s specificity by making her a symbol. Yet we can’t deny the country was shocked into awareness today, and … Continue reading

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My other church

I received an unexpected blessing a few weeks ago. It took the form of an email stating “the campus ministers have decided there will be no 9 pm mass on December 19”. I conduct and worship with a collegiate musical … Continue reading

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Socks for Christmas

The Christmas after my apartment was burgled, my brother seized the opportunity to replace some of the items that had been taken. He didn’t buy me a new camera, or a new rosary ring, but hit up his college bookstore … Continue reading

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Set Me as a Seal on Your Heart

During my summer of crazy tri-training I had a little phone trouble. There were a few days when I wasn’t getting notifications of messages, so when trying to organize my standing swim-breakfast date with Brendan and Nicole they left message … Continue reading

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If you’re not outraged…

Once upon a time, like a lot of idealistic young people, I lived and died by the bumper-sticker creed “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention”. After a little time and a lot of experience, my bumper sticker is … Continue reading

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