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Seven of my favorite saints

Happy Solemnity of All Saints! In honor of the day, I offer you seven of my most dear saints. — 1 — Philomena I hope it’s not bad luck to begin this post with a saint who probably didn’t exist. … Continue reading

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7 things I’ve learned from St Francis

Today is the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, which has always been a notable feast for me but which has taken on greater significance after I spent three recent weeks in Assisi. That town is rich in Franciscan history, … Continue reading

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Learning to look: on the Feast of St Ignatius

Today is the Feast of St Ignatius, and that matters to me. It matters to me because I quite by chance I ended up at a Jesuit college which has since affected everything in my life. It’s hard to find … Continue reading

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My first run back

I decided not to worry about running while I was abroad. It was only nineteen days, and I knew each day would be packed, so a commitment to running while I was there would only make me feel bad about … Continue reading

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St Mary of the Expressive Religious Art

A few nights ago I was introduced to an elderly woman who is writing the history of her parish, Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi. I feel bad for some of the “other” churches in Assisi. In the shadow of the … Continue reading

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On visiting Santa Chiara

My mother chose Clare as her confirmation name because she was born in a Franciscan hospital the day after Clare’s feast, and the sisters there at the time made a big deal about it. Years later, upon learning that Chiara … Continue reading

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5-year rewind: To reach the goal is nothing else but the will to go

In honor of my five-year anniversary blogging at Felice Mi Fa, I am sharing five of my favorite, most meaningful posts. I have always really liked this post entitled “To reach the goal is nothing else but the will to go“, which … Continue reading

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Rescued every day

If you’re going to change your life, there’s a particular way of doing it. You need to be really sinful, but still of admirable character, and have a dramatic moment that causes you to change the dressing on who you … Continue reading

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A surprising reason a Jesuit Pope could be good for the Society of Jesus

In my many years at Jesuit institutions I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Ignatian  spirituality described as social justice and intellectual curiosity without any of that pesky “Catholic stuff” weighing it down. I imagine poor Iggy spinning … Continue reading

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An old apparition’s message of newness: Our Lady of Guadalupe

I’ll admit, I came a little late to the Guadalupe bandwagon. Between being raised in a fairly traditional Irish Catholic environment and not having a strong personal devotion to Mary, I never paid much attention to this particular devotion or … Continue reading

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