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Find Your Inner Iggy!

In honor of the Feast of St Ignatius coming up at the end of the month, Loyola Press has been having a “31 days with Ignatius series”. With the immersion into Jesuit education and ministries that I’ve had throughout my … Continue reading

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I take off my glasses to listen to Bach

The church was hot. The evening itself wasn’t sweltering, but the small historic church in downtown Boston had absorbed plenty of heat and humidity. It was so toasty that I broke my usual rule and went into the sanctuary with … Continue reading

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In praise of irrationality

I have always had mixed feelings about dear Aquinas. After all, his name is Thomas, and he contributed a lot to the Church, and as Amy Welborn tells us in her Loyola Kids Book of Saints (one of my personal … Continue reading

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Doing it all: Asking not how but why

I’m entering into a crazy few weeks with many different projects and obligations, and was asked today by someone “How do you do it all?” If you ask me, I’m never doing enough, so that question didn’t necessarily make me … Continue reading

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Hitting Pause: A Soul that Shouts

In the spirit of giving myself a break, I have decided to hit pause on my blog and repost some of my favorite material for the last ten days of the year. Today’s choice is inspired by many of the … Continue reading

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How Saints Behave

One of the dangers and blessings of studying Church History is that you begin to know (or think you know) what sanctity and faith look like. We have so many heroes:  apologists, scholars, poets, servants, teachers, healers, mystics. They did … Continue reading

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Once again my mother made some memorable choices regarding a birthday gift this year. First she told me she was giving me something she’d found in the basement that I had originally bought for myself. After getting me excited by … Continue reading

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The leftovers

One of the many occupational hazards of being a church musician is the liturgical hangovers we can get from the major church feasts. I spend most of the Christmas season (the liturgical version of which begins on Christmas day and … Continue reading

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Seek the Lord while he may be found (Dear St Paul)

Oh, St. Paul, I gotta say, it must be nice to be you. Not to say you weren’t a hard worker, and a good guy – a holy guy! – but to just get knocked off your horse like that … Continue reading

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Walking on Water

In my nerdy way I was pleased as punch to discover that today was the Feast of St Alphonsus Ligouri, Bishop and Doctor of the Church. Why am I so interested in him, you might ask? Because moral theologizing revolutionized … Continue reading

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