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The Deepest Desire

I just got back from a trip in a tow truck to my mechanic’s, after what I fear my be my trusty Jeep’s final engine failure. I knew when I bought the car that it was older, it had a … Continue reading

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They worshiped, but they doubted

I gotta admit, I really feel for those Apostles. First Jesus calls them away from their familiar lives and makes a bunch of promises they don’t understand. Then he dies (even though he totally could have gotten out of it!). … Continue reading

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Thomas the Apostle

Do yourself a favor and don’t try to get someone’s attention at one of our family parties by calling out “John”. Your efforts, if directed towards my mother’s side of the family, will be fruitless unless clarified by one of … Continue reading

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Saints of Conversion

I very rarely tell people what I dream about at night. I know that if I started sharing the fruits of my subconscious I would unwillingly reveal too much, and whoever I was telling would know all of the secrets … Continue reading

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Being Irish

For my 8th grade graduation, my mother promised me a claddagh ring because, as she put it, it was the only way anyone would know I had any Irish ancestry. My fair mother suffered 8 long years with her only … Continue reading

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When the Saints go Marching in

It was a sunny summer day, and we were getting home from Vacation Bible School. I walked onto the slate porch, feeling the coolness of its shade, and into the sunny kitchen. There, on the table, my mother had left … Continue reading

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With more than my share of quirks and peccadilloes, I am hesitant to pose the question “What is wrong with me?” But over the last few weeks of coughing and sniffling, then hoarseness, then feeling fine again, then scratchy throat, … Continue reading

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Finding what we’re looking for

In all honesty, I don’t even remember how the whole thing came up over whiskey, chips and pizza with two girlfriends the other night, but somehow the conversation turned to the Enneagram of all things (not a huge surprise among … Continue reading

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Be sure, don’t be right

Today I showed the finale of Dialogues of the Carmelites in a lesson on the French Revolution. This opera is so extraordinary from a dramatic standpoint because the characters are drawn so sharply. When each Carmelite goes to the guillotine … Continue reading

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Mary the Apostle

Does anyone really exist, or are people only who we make them into? Yesterday a bunch of folks in my quirky Twitter world were tweeting away about St Mary of Magdala, the apostle to the Apostles. A lot of people … Continue reading

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