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The People of God

I’m not really into the culture war. I definitely fall on one side of it, but ultimately I find the arguments unproductive. The bickering is even more troubling in Church circles, and even more depressing. The recent translation changes to … Continue reading

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Maybe not happiness

There are two reasons I try not to be dismissive of Joel Osteen: 1. I’m really trying to train my heart to assume people are well-intentioned (with a healthy dose of my trademark skepticism, of course). 2. We seem to … Continue reading

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Your faith has saved you

As a textbook example of a wild youth, I have tried to block out most of my teenage years. But I have a vivid memory of a night my first year of college, working by the glow of my computer … Continue reading

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The Power and the Glory

There is a type of Christian spirituality that is heavily focused on the strength and majesty of the second person of the Trinity. It has spawned movies and music and mega churches, and on occasion results in an unfortunate idea … Continue reading

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All you holy men and women, pray for us.

Last weekend I sang the ordination of two new priests. Having only sung one ordination prior (7 years ago), if you had asked me about the rite, the only thing I would have remembered was that it includes a litany … Continue reading

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Hope does not disappoint

If I were more serious about blogging, I would look ahead to the week’s readings and write about them before we hear them, but as it is I tend to hear them, be inspired, and take a few days to … Continue reading

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It goes without saying that I like to express myself. I hear a sarcastic “tell us what you really think” a few times a week, and try to take it as a compliment rather than taking it in the spirit … Continue reading

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The problem with liking everything

I have always been described as curious (in an intellectually curious way, not a peculiar-curious way – I hope). For as long as I can remember I have wanted to know more about whatever I was looking into, and that’s … Continue reading

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Study Break!

I’m putting the finishing touches on a paper that was due yesterday and hope to be done and out of the library by 8pm (this is an exegesis on Mark 5: 24b-34 for those of you keeping track of my … Continue reading

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My double life, part 2

I wish I could say that my posting hiatus is due to making good on my resolution, and that I have been so busy seeing friends that I haven’t posted, but that is not the case. In about ten days … Continue reading

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