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7 Quick Takes volume 18: St Margaret’s Day edition

— 1 — As a kid I relished time spent with my dear grandmother Margaret, riding the city bus into downtown Hartford, pulling the cord to let the driver know to let us off at the G Fox building, and … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, volume 16

— 1 — Much as I suspected, when jumping on the Seven Quick Takes bandwagon 16 weeks ago, I have a terrible time remembering which “volume” each entry should be, and always have to go back and see what the … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, Volume 14

— 1 — Last week I achieved the uncommon mixture of apprehensive bragging as I let you know about the Hartford Half-Marathon. I am happy to report that despite some yucky Crohn’s pain Friday night, and freezing temps Saturday morning, … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, Volume 13

— 1 — The day is almost upon us! Tomorrow I plan to complete the Hartford Half-Marathon for the 7th time. Every year that goes by I get a little busier and train a little less, and feel less and … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, Volume 10

— 1 — Summer ends now, now, barbarous in beauty… It’s getting to be just about time for a depressed post about how the weather affects my mood, but I just can’t summon the energy to write it. Symptom # … Continue reading

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Blood, memories and shame (I can keep running)

I never look behind me when I’m racing. I made that promise to myself during my first half-marathon. Chubby, un-athletic, and clad in winter clothes that didn’t do me any favors, I was terrified to come in last. All I … Continue reading

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Lessons from a squirrel

I had never seen a squirrel die before. Growing up in the country I saw more than my share of roadkill, but somehow escaped childhood unmarred by the sight of a rodent dashing to his death under a car tire. … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, Volume 7

— 1 — I’m at Tanglewood! The summer home of the Boston Symphony must be one of the most gorgeous places on earth. I have often said that when musicians die, if they go to heaven, it looks like Tanglewood. … Continue reading

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Seven quick takes, Volume 5

— 1 — It’s that time of year when I start to think about the Hartford Half-Marathon. I have been running this one every October since 2006, and every year I decide it would be a shame to skip it. … Continue reading

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The Woman on the Mat Next to Mine

As a child, I occasionally became envious of girls more athletic than I. This was before I learned to envy women’s bodies, and only envied what those bodies could do. When I became jealous my mother in her wisdom would … Continue reading

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