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Training through the Winter

The sun was going down when I left the practice room two nights ago. Despite fatigue and hunger I had plugged away for over an hour, not just because I have music to learn for an upcoming recital but because … Continue reading

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Free to just run

In addition to seeking the obvious health benefits, I took up running in order to have something to be bad at. Not challenged by, or less-than-perfect at, but honest-to-goodness so-last-everyone-thinks-the-race-is-over bad at. I ran for a few shameless years in … Continue reading

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The Wind at My Back

Last week’s balmy temperatures gave way this weekend to biting cold and wind. With much of the snow melted from the streets I braved the gusts and ran outside two days ago. The first mile or so, on the grid … Continue reading

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Fear of being fast

Against all odds I made it out for a run after work today, running at dusk the route I usually run at dawn. Eager to get home for the evening, I pushed a little harder than usual, zipping along the … Continue reading

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Lessons from the latest race

One of the reasons I love running is that it gives me long stretches of time alone with my thoughts. I have designed retreats, planned events, and written lots of posts and poetry while thumping along on my training runs … Continue reading

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To reach the goal is nothing else but the will to go

“Too late have I loved you, O Beauty of ancient days, yet ever new!” Yesterday was the Memorial of St Augustine, one of Christianity’s most celebrated theologians, who had quite a way with words (who could forget “Lord, make me … Continue reading

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All the drawers are wide open, all the doors are unlocked

Apparently it is Monday. My system is so thrown off from travel and change of scenery that I am not entirely sure what day it is, and I don’t think that really matters. The next few weeks involve going where … Continue reading

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How the morning feels

For as long as I have lived in Boston, leisurely Saturday mornings have had a unique effect on me. For some reason, when I walk down a neighborhood street in the cool of morning everything is right with the world … Continue reading

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Road Race, by the numbers

Miles: 4.75. Sightings of Whalers gear: 18. Kids from my high school running in kilts: 3. Drunks on rooftops: 9. Runners behind me with bullhorns: 1 (and believe me, one was enough). I can’t really see the allure of running … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned from running

As I’ve written many times, I started running out of stubbornness. I didn’t turn to the sport for revelation, edification, or other forms of improvement. As tends to be the case, revelation found me without my seeking it. Long runs, … Continue reading

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