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Pulling through the water

The air by the pool was hotter than usual, and its stillness only amplified the heat. I stuck my feet into the cool water and knotted the hair about which I am so vain into a casual braid. By some … Continue reading

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Training through the Winter

The sun was going down when I left the practice room two nights ago. Despite fatigue and hunger I had plugged away for over an hour, not just because I have music to learn for an upcoming recital but because … Continue reading

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Lessons from the latest race

One of the reasons I love running is that it gives me long stretches of time alone with my thoughts. I have designed retreats, planned events, and written lots of posts and poetry while thumping along on my training runs … Continue reading

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Set Me as a Seal on Your Heart

During my summer of crazy tri-training I had a little phone trouble. There were a few days when I wasn’t getting notifications of messages, so when trying to organize my standing swim-breakfast date with Brendan and Nicole they left message … Continue reading

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A few years ago I spent three weeks in Malibu at the beginning of the summer. I returned refreshed to a Boston that had suffered a brutal heat wave in my absence, and was often asked how the weather was. … Continue reading

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I had a nice run

It had been over a year since my most recent tumble (which came merely 5 days after another, during the summer of my bi-continental clumsiness). My streak ended yesterday. I had set the alarm for 5:25 yesterday morning. Since I … Continue reading

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Notes on the tri

Training for a triathlon ranks with learning to play the bass clarinet and moving to New Bedford on the list of most impulsive decisions I have made. I knew this past summer I would be laying low in Boston, and … Continue reading

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The Downside of Discretion

The downside of discretion is that it’s hard to get credit for the things you don’t say. Readers who know me are probably shocked to hear that occasionally a thought comes into my head that I don’t announce to the … Continue reading

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Day One of Training

You now can add something else to the list of crazy things I have decided to do: training for a triathalon. Saturday was Day One of training, which really only means that I took my bike in for a tune-up. … Continue reading

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New Bedford Half Marathon

I am please to report that I have completed my fifth half-marathon, running through the mean streets of New Bedford during yesterday’s beautiful sunny weather. I had a great day, riding down with a good friend who ran with me … Continue reading

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