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All about the harmony

A half-hour into yoga class, we were warmed up enough that we could lunge low, but not yet so fatigued that our legs would give way. I had my right foot a yard behind my bent left leg, with the … Continue reading

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7 things that made me happy this week

I’ve been trying to get a lot done this week, including practicing, paperwork, catching up on email, writing and running. Much to my surprise I found myself tired and a little stressed. So rather than a long, intellectual 7 Quick … Continue reading

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Seven ways I’ve been fueling myself in 2013

Tomorrow is the first of June, which up until I did the math a moment ago I thought marked the halfway point of the year. Turns out we are only 5/12ths of the way through the year, but that won’t … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, volume 16

— 1 — Much as I suspected, when jumping on the Seven Quick Takes bandwagon 16 weeks ago, I have a terrible time remembering which “volume” each entry should be, and always have to go back and see what the … Continue reading

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7 quick takes, volume 9

— 1 — Today was the deadline by which I had to order prints from the photo service I use before they deleted all of them. This happens every year, and since I don’t want to lose my archive I … Continue reading

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Feelings without thoughts are…

It is generous of yoga teachers to natter away at us when we are in the most complicated poses, distracting us from mounds of sensation which can be overwhelming. This morning, while we students were contorted into a particularly sweaty … Continue reading

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Releasing the Jaw

Tension has a way of following me around. I don’t think that this makes me unique, but it definitely makes me tense. Little things pile up with me. Even if I don’t want to care about something, even if I … Continue reading

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