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Stage makeup at Mass

If I were better at marketing myself, or at least at branding my blog, I would just do one thing, and write about that. Do the people who visit the blog because they want to read about singing and performing … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, volume 22

— 1 — Rather than being a season of joy and light, the holiday season tends to be a time of freneticism and stress for we musicians. I had a conducting gig earlier this week in the pouring rain, and … Continue reading

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1 quick take

I try to write my seven quick takes so I can post them over at Conversion Diary every Friday, but this Friday got away from me, and the idea of trying to format a post on my mobile device is … Continue reading

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Serving two masters

I have to ask you to forgive me the pun, ever since I started working on my second masters degree seven long years ago, I have dreamed of making a joke about “serving two masters”. And today, the day after … Continue reading

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If you loved me you’d “like” me

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and made a page for this blog on Facebook, prompting the existential question “Does anybody like me??” This angst was followed in short order by the realization that neither my parents nor … Continue reading

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5 (or maybe 7) reasons I have been quiet lately

I have been quiet lately, in blogging if not in life. I need you to know that I take very seriously my sacred duty to bombard you with my opinions all of the time, so this absence has not been … Continue reading

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Dealing with it

It was crowded on the altar last night. Everyone was gathered to celebrate the initiation of five students from the college. Hundreds of students were there, and it felt like half of them were up in the sanctuary serving in … Continue reading

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