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Who your parents are

It just so happens that I met my love on a train leaving Grand Central Station. Because that train ride was so significant, I don’t think very often of the train ride into the city on that same morning. I … Continue reading

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My seven favorites at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

This weekend Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is having a free weekend to celebrate “Boston I Love” and accept donations for the One Fund. Their generous gesture prompted me to consider my favorite works at the Museum. I’ve loved the … Continue reading

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Seven things I’m working on this summer

With the weather finally turning warm in Boston, I am starting to dream of the semi-leisurely days of summer that are right around the corner. Slowly my academic-year responsibilities drop off, and I have more time here and there. This … Continue reading

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Arts and Faith – a new series from Loyola Press

If you are not familiar with the good work that is being done at, your homework is to go on over there right away and check them out (finish reading my post first, of course!) With educational resources, the … Continue reading

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Stage makeup at Mass

If I were better at marketing myself, or at least at branding my blog, I would just do one thing, and write about that. Do the people who visit the blog because they want to read about singing and performing … Continue reading

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A quiet week, and a guest post

I was so disappointed as the week drew to a close that I didn’t expect to be able to pull together my 7 Quick Takes for the week. I have had a love-hate relationship with this practice: first I wrote … Continue reading

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My seven favorite Alleluias

While contemplating a theme for this week’s quick takes, I heard something that prompted me to ponder my favorite Alleluias, both written and sung. — 1 — “A Christian should be an Alleluia from head to foot.” These words are … Continue reading

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Sound of Music memories (my guest post for Woodland Theatre Company)

I’m writing on the Woodland Theatre Company blog today about the production I’m in right now of The Sound of Music. I’m always amazed at how the cornerstones of our cultural experience can both ground us and make us notice … Continue reading

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Meeting Sister Helen

When I was an undergrad at a fine Jesuit institution, Sister Helen Prejean came to speak. I didn’t know much about her then. The movie Dead Man Walking had put her memoir of the same name further into the spotlight … Continue reading

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God’s dare: love more

This week is tech week for the New England premiere of Dead Man Walking, which I am in with Boston Opera Collaborative. Because this is where my heart and time are being spent this week, I am running a series … Continue reading

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