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7 Quick Takes, Volume 10

— 1 — Summer ends now, now, barbarous in beauty… It’s getting to be just about time for a depressed post about how the weather affects my mood, but I just can’t summon the energy to write it. Symptom # … Continue reading

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Making Music

So I did something pretty neat this past weekend: I knew even as mass was going on (all two hours of it) that it would be too much, too many emotions for me to blog about. So I’m not going … Continue reading

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1 quick take

I try to write my seven quick takes so I can post them over at Conversion Diary every Friday, but this Friday got away from me, and the idea of trying to format a post on my mobile device is … Continue reading

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Singing hymns in the MRI machine

“Is this the part when people usually freak out?” After attempting to wow my MRI technicians with my standard attempts at charm, I posed that question just as they were covering me in those wraps that felt like a loose … Continue reading

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7 quick takes, volume 8

— 1 — I’m reporting here from the land of “better late than never” because I spent the day sitting outside. I’ll be taking my leisurely attitude into the post with some short takes. — 2 — I think we … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, Volume 7

— 1 — I’m at Tanglewood! The summer home of the Boston Symphony must be one of the most gorgeous places on earth. I have often said that when musicians die, if they go to heaven, it looks like Tanglewood. … Continue reading

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Who shall ever tell the sorrow of being on this earth?

By some chance here they are, all on this earth, and who shall ever tell the sorrow of being on this earth, lying on quilts on the grass, in a summer evening among the sounds of the night? – James … Continue reading

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Seven quick takes, volume 6

— 1 — Maybe I’m foolish, but when I walked into my doctor’s office this morning and cheerily announced “I only get sick three times a month now!” I expected her to be happier for me. Instead, she ordered more … Continue reading

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What I Did For Love

Thank God my mother took me to the theater as a child. I don’t use that phrase cavalierly; I literally thank God that I had a chance to sit next to my mother in the Bushnell Theater and not only … Continue reading

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Joy like dust in the air

Once my student acupuncture interns found out that I was game for anything and never complained, they began pulling out different techniques with every visit, determined to practice every trick in the book on their guinea pig. I’m pretty tough, … Continue reading

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