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Why even sin can be a cause for hope

My father is not an effusive man. Once a year at the holidays he compliments my singing at mass, and quips that his kind words are my Christmas present. I’ve noticed that his main way of complimenting me is to … Continue reading

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Seven of my favorite saints

Happy Solemnity of All Saints! In honor of the day, I offer you seven of my most dear saints. — 1 — Philomena I hope it’s not bad luck to begin this post with a saint who probably didn’t exist. … Continue reading

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What doesn’t kill you…

Sometimes, what doesn’t kill you just makes you really, really tired. I had a tough September. I was feeling more Crohn’s symptoms than I had in a while. On Labor Day I was invited to a party, but was fatigued … Continue reading

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Body and Soul

Four summers ago I had a wonderful morning routine. I would rise at dawn and jump on my bike to ride 25 minutes to another neighborhood of the city where I would meet a friend at the local pool and … Continue reading

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Embracing emotion

What struck me first was that he had the head and hair of an adult on the body of a boy. This is fairly common in boys – young men? – of a certain age. He bore other marks of … Continue reading

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St Mary of the Expressive Religious Art

A few nights ago I was introduced to an elderly woman who is writing the history of her parish, Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi. I feel bad for some of the “other” churches in Assisi. In the shadow of the … Continue reading

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5-year rewind: Life is not ended, just changed

In honor of my five-year anniversary blogging at Felice Mi Fa, I am sharing five of my favorite, most meaningful posts. I wrote “Life is not ended, just changed” in a state of profound grief during the summer of 2009. The … Continue reading

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A tale of two bedrooms

The house that I was raised in began its life as a small cape in the late 19th century. Set on many acres on a busy rural road it had three rooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. Or at least … Continue reading

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Seven things I’ve learned from sailing

This is high on the list of Things About Which I Never Expected to Write. I didnt know a jib from a poop deck up until a few years ago, when my honey took me out for our first sail … Continue reading

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Who your parents are

It just so happens that I met my love on a train leaving Grand Central Station. Because that train ride was so significant, I don’t think very often of the train ride into the city on that same morning. I … Continue reading

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