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Moving the cantor

Church has always mattered to me. I don’t know what it was about it that attracted me as a kid: the people there, the activities after, the light through the stained glass, the booming of the organ. Even when I … Continue reading

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Growing up with Liz Lemon

“That scene when Liz Lemon was drinking wine on the treadmill at 4 in the morning I totally thought of you”. Um, thank you? That was a text I got from my brother a few years ago referring to an … Continue reading

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The things that only I have

It was a few weeks before Christmas. I was driving through the section of the South End lined with beautiful brownstones, and I was feeling jealous. The folks who park their cars on these tree-lined streets have money, and bay windows … Continue reading

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Five things I’m aware of this Crohn’s Awareness Week

This time last year I was still keeping a cute little journal of my symptoms, back when I would go to the health center after throwing up for eight hours (again!), just to have one of the young doctors listen … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, volume 19: Thankfulness edition

— 1 — Since just yesterday America celebrated its holiday of gratitude, I figured I’d make this weeks 7QT all about those things I’m grateful for. Every year I realize I am very grateful for food. I’ve always loved it, … Continue reading

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Particular thankfulness

When I was a kid my mom would “set up” my toothbrush for me. Before school and before bed, she would put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and set it out in the bathroom for me. It wasn’t anything taxing … Continue reading

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Wishing time away

I know that I’m not supposed to wish time away. But it’s almost a holiday, it’s almost a break, it’s almost a special day, it’s almost time with loved ones, almost, almost, almost. I’m always away from someone, always missing … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes volume 18: St Margaret’s Day edition

— 1 — As a kid I relished time spent with my dear grandmother Margaret, riding the city bus into downtown Hartford, pulling the cord to let the driver know to let us off at the G Fox building, and … Continue reading

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Who are your saints?

The people in my life have made it easy for me to believe in a God of love. My co-workers are generous, faithful, and funny. They are kind to me even when I’m annoying, and they supported me last year … Continue reading

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Eating nachos with my brother

My sweetheart eats slowly. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat with him. And maybe it’s only slowly to me. Maybe I eat fast. However you slice it, I’m usually done first which  leaves me both feeling like a … Continue reading

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