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The day we open the pool

Every teacher knows that moment of meeting a student’s parents and thinking “ok…that explains it”. I am sure that my teachers had plenty such moments meeting my parents, and I hope for the sake of all that some of the … Continue reading

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What’s with the duckies?

Plumber: So…who do you live here with? Me: Umm…what? Plumber: do you live here with your kids? Me: have you seen the rest of this apartment? I don’t have room for anyone else here. Plumber: oh. Then what’s with the … Continue reading

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Out of my control

Alas, the cold I’ve been fighting throughout the triduum has not abated and I woke this morning still feeling icky. I have a bit of a sniffle and my lungs feel somewhat scratchy. My voice, which on its best days … Continue reading

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Putting Smart before Beautiful

I can’t recall any memories from childhood of my parents telling me I was pretty. Before you start to feel sorry for me, I’m not sure that was a bad thing. I never heard that sort of language, but I … Continue reading

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A love letter to my hamper

I have had the same hamper for as long as I can remember. The same large wicker basket has held my dirty clothes since childhood, and it has finally started to show some wear. I held it together as long … Continue reading

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I have Crohn’s disease. Even as I write that, I rush to add a lot of qualifiers: my case is really mild, I’m on a low-dose med. I hardly have any trouble. My nutrition is fine. I am not what … Continue reading

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My First Love (my guest post for At the Lord’s Table)

I was honored when Preston Yancey asked me to be a part of his “At the Lord’s Table” series of guest posts on his blog. My post entitled My First Love went live today. I have always loved church. I … Continue reading

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The Cost of We

Ten years ago today a story broke that would change a lot of things. The Boston Globe, in what would go on to be a Pulitzer Prize winning investigation, broke a story about a priest who raped and abused boys, … Continue reading

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The Dictionary of Happiness

I’m not really a new years resolution kind of girl. I do Lent. Am I allowed to do both? Still, this year as I emerged from the lunacy of the holidays, I knew there was one thing I needed to … Continue reading

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I hate myself (but I love my iPhone)

I got an iPhone for Christmas. There, I’ve gotten that out of the way. For all the soul-searching and soul-baring I have done on this blog, I have never been more embarrassed to write something. Having an iPhone means I … Continue reading

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