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Seven of my favorite saints

Happy Solemnity of All Saints! In honor of the day, I offer you seven of my most dear saints. — 1 — Philomena I hope it’s not bad luck to begin this post with a saint who probably didn’t exist. … Continue reading

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What doesn’t kill you…

Sometimes, what doesn’t kill you just makes you really, really tired. I had a tough September. I was feeling more Crohn’s symptoms than I had in a while. On Labor Day I was invited to a party, but was fatigued … Continue reading

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Body and Soul

Four summers ago I had a wonderful morning routine. I would rise at dawn and jump on my bike to ride 25 minutes to another neighborhood of the city where I would meet a friend at the local pool and … Continue reading

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Seven things I’ve learned from sailing

This is high on the list of Things About Which I Never Expected to Write. I didnt know a jib from a poop deck up until a few years ago, when my honey took me out for our first sail … Continue reading

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Seven things I’ve learned from dancing at weddings

This past weekend I went to a beautiful and enjoyable wedding. A few hours in, I was dancing energetically to “Shippin’ up to Boston” in crazy platform heels, having a blast. As I danced I thought about how much I … Continue reading

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In defense of signs and wonders

Disclaimer: I have a obsession with trying to get Thomas off the hook. I worry that this weekend’s Gospel story of “doubting” Thomas is reduced to condemnation of people whose devotion is based on experience. Is Thomas’ sin not so … Continue reading

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That time I lived with the Rwandan nuns

As soon as the sisters moved in, I thought sweet, I will be able to tell stories for the rest of my life about ‘that time I lived with the Rwandan nuns’. I had been living in an old convent … Continue reading

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The things that only I have

It was a few weeks before Christmas. I was driving through the section of the South End lined with beautiful brownstones, and I was feeling jealous. The folks who park their cars on these tree-lined streets have money, and bay windows … Continue reading

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Five things I’m aware of this Crohn’s Awareness Week

This time last year I was still keeping a cute little journal of my symptoms, back when I would go to the health center after throwing up for eight hours (again!), just to have one of the young doctors listen … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, volume 19: Thankfulness edition

— 1 — Since just yesterday America celebrated its holiday of gratitude, I figured I’d make this weeks 7QT all about those things I’m grateful for. Every year I realize I am very grateful for food. I’ve always loved it, … Continue reading

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