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Seven Quick Takes, volume 17

Please allow me to repeat myself! I found that almost everything I was going to write about today I’ve already written about at length. So enjoy a shorter than usual 7 quick takes and feel free to click through to … Continue reading

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Who are your saints?

The people in my life have made it easy for me to believe in a God of love. My co-workers are generous, faithful, and funny. They are kind to me even when I’m annoying, and they supported me last year … Continue reading

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Making Music

So I did something pretty neat this past weekend: I knew even as mass was going on (all two hours of it) that it would be too much, too many emotions for me to blog about. So I’m not going … Continue reading

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Still My Other Church

About a year and a half ago I had dinner with four friends, who inspired me to write the following. Tonight we’ll dine together again, with a few folks we’ve picked up along the way. Their relationship and witness teaches … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on Johnny Pesky

I am not embarrassed to admit that October 27, 2004 was one of the best days of my life (not the very best, mind you, but it was up there). I had been sick for most of October, and had … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, volume 2

— 1 — My heart breaks, of course, to hear of the shooting in Colorado. This certainly deserves more than a “quick take”, but I’m not sure I have it in me to suss out the complex emotional response I … Continue reading

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Truth and Beauty: Dandelion Wine and the year I volunteered

About this time ten years ago I was packing up my car to move to a small New England city to work as a full-time volunteer teacher as part of an Americorps-esque post-graduate program. While there I met some of … Continue reading

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Learning to be lonely

When I spent a summer singing in the Italian countryside a few years ago, I had a roommate for the first time in years. I found out during the course of our time together that she thought I was horribly … Continue reading

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Feeding the Beast: Confessions of an Extrovert

I have become much quieter as I’ve gotten older. This may surprise those who know me, as I am still extremely verbal and loud, but the truth is I was even more so a few years ago. There are some … Continue reading

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I say that nothing frightens me: How Boston Opera Collaborative changed my life

I’m writing this post today because of an upcoming event for a group dear to my heart. Fun fact: I used to be president of an opera company. But we’ll get to that. When I finished my Master of Music … Continue reading

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