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Easier in the springtime

I had dinner a few nights ago with one of the many people I didn’t see enough of the last few months. Over salads I told her “well, I’ll be seeing you more often now, since I won’t be seasonally … Continue reading

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The untruths we’re told about what “all men” are like

The first platitude I remember hearing about “all men” was when I was told at fifteen that all men are just interested in sleeping with you, and after that they will ignore you. (The young man told me this as … Continue reading

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The Bubble

When I wrote a few days ago on listening to the voice of God, I knew it would end up being the beginning of a series. Discovering that I had stopped listening was a powerful moment in spiritual direction; I … Continue reading

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The Dictionary of Happiness

I’m not really a new years resolution kind of girl. I do Lent. Am I allowed to do both? Still, this year as I emerged from the lunacy of the holidays, I knew there was one thing I needed to … Continue reading

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I hate myself (but I love my iPhone)

I got an iPhone for Christmas. There, I’ve gotten that out of the way. For all the soul-searching and soul-baring I have done on this blog, I have never been more embarrassed to write something. Having an iPhone means I … Continue reading

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The Year of Giving Up

Because I am capable of sucking the fun out of any holiday, allow me to tell you that New Year’s always make me think about the arbitrariness of measure, the ridiculousness of time, and the fact that so much of … Continue reading

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It made sense for me to do my first bike-to-run workout of the tri-training season at my parents’ house. I was visiting for the day and easily tossed my bike on the back of the car. It is much easier … Continue reading

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Never Be the Same Again

Like many schools, my alma mater held a “surprise”  concert for seniors during the week before our graduation. For my class it was the then-local band Guster, which I was reminded of recently when given a Guster playlist by a … Continue reading

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Truth be Told, part 2

After yesterday’s post on honesty (which, in retrospect, I probably should have divided into “not lying” and “being honest about who we are”) a friend posited this question that’s been on his mind: Is it ok to hold back a … Continue reading

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Truth be Told

I don’t understand lying. Every time I admit that to someone, the standard response is “yeah, lying is so much work” or “the truth is so much easier”. So let me be clear, that’s not what I mean, although both … Continue reading

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