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The Easter Picture

My brother and I, in the parking lot after 10 am mass.

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In case you didn’t believe we were there

With thanks to Dwight for the picture.

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They say it’s your birthday!

Guess who has a birthday today! Happy birthday to my favorite brother.

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Tuesday night of the convention

Bill Clinton finds limitless ways to draw attention to himself (crying? Really?), Rahm Emanuel may have been a little drunk, and Mark Warner puts a lot of faith in the success of the Chevy Volt. I know Hillary was the … Continue reading

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a trip to Providence

Last night I drove down to Providence for an audition. Two nights ago I couldn’t sleep, with what I thought was nervousness over the audition. That was odd to me, since I very rarely am nervous before I’m going to … Continue reading

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Guess who i ran into today!

She goes back to Rwanda in 4 months. And Sister Augusta isn’t the only former roommate I saw out and about (yes, you read that right) – I also ran into a girl who lived in the mods with us, … Continue reading

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some overdue pictures

The fabled fruit roll-up!********************************************* The view from the window of our apartment in Novafeltria. A foggy morning******************************************** I took this picture in Cesenatico, alongside a canal that was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.****************************************** The ceiling of the Church of the … Continue reading

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Taken at the airport

Look who came with Mom to meet me!

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