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Seven Quick Links after a busy week

This post was originally going to be “7 things we should have shut down instead of the government”, but all I could come up with was Hooters. — 1 — I love a good pen. These are what I’m writing … Continue reading

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On crime, women, and Southie

Over the last few days there have been attacks in Boston that are very, very close to home. I wasn’t there when they happened, though I was in the immediate aftermath, and have been following the story from not-too-far. Some … Continue reading

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My seven favorites at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

This weekend Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is having a free weekend to celebrate “Boston I Love” and accept donations for the One Fund. Their generous gesture prompted me to consider my favorite works at the Museum. I’ve loved the … Continue reading

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When we don’t like the Gospel: on burying the Boston Marathon bomber

By all accounts, Peter Stefan has been going about his business of burying the dead for a long time, with little attention outside of Worcester, MA. Now the funeral director is at the center of a controversy because the body … Continue reading

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Catching my breath on the city bus

Running in flip-flops is never a good idea, even if one is running to catch the bus. In my case, I wasn’t even running for the right bus, but since the sign on the back where the route number usually … Continue reading

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Life before adulthood: to remember or to forget

Three days after the shooting in Newtown, CT, I had a flare of Crohn’s symptoms so bad I thought I might have to go to hospital. After not being able to keep down any food or drink all day, moving … Continue reading

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An affirming flame

When everything was over on Friday night, or when it seemed at least a chapter of it was over, I was relieved turn off the TV, get away from Twitter and Facebook and shut out the noise. Even the voices … Continue reading

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Locked down

Needless to say it has been an unexpected day up here in Boston. There’s a sense in the air so far of pride, that by staying put and staying out of everyone’s way we are doing our part to help … Continue reading

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The top seven pieces about the marathon bombings

What a week. As I struggled to make some sense of what happened at the Marathon on Monday, I did a lot of inarticulate, impassioned writing. Because I had so much trouble finding the words to express myself, I was … Continue reading

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Children of Eternity: the Boston Prays Together interfaith prayer service

I was proud of so many things while watching the prayer service in response to the Boston marathon bombing. I was proud of my city, proud of its leaders, proud of its faith community, proud of its artists, and proud … Continue reading

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