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What I read: July 2013

Despite my high hopes for lots of travel reading (confession: I watched three hours of Call the Midwife on one of my flights when I should have been reading), I had but modest achievements this month. Here’s what I read. … Continue reading

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My first run back

I decided not to worry about running while I was abroad. It was only nineteen days, and I knew each day would be packed, so a commitment to running while I was there would only make me feel bad about … Continue reading

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Embracing emotion

What struck me first was that he had the head and hair of an adult on the body of a boy. This is fairly common in boys – young men? – of a certain age. He bore other marks of … Continue reading

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The Choir of St Clare

Our last day in Assisi I was resolved to see the one Fransiciscan sight that had yet escaped me: San Damiano. Though I’d seen the San Damiano cross earlier in my trip at Santa Chiara, I wanted to escape Assisi’s … Continue reading

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L’Eremo delle Carcieri

Two weeks at a music festival is enough to have any soprano singing “The Desire for Hermitage“, so it was fitting that I left my trip to the Eremo delle Carcieri for the beginning of our third week, after a … Continue reading

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St Mary of the Expressive Religious Art

A few nights ago I was introduced to an elderly woman who is writing the history of her parish, Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi. I feel bad for some of the “other” churches in Assisi. In the shadow of the … Continue reading

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On visiting Santa Chiara

My mother chose Clare as her confirmation name because she was born in a Franciscan hospital the day after Clare’s feast, and the sisters there at the time made a big deal about it. Years later, upon learning that Chiara … Continue reading

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