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What I read: July 2013

Despite my high hopes for lots of travel reading (confession: I watched three hours of Call the Midwife on one of my flights when I should have been reading), I had but modest achievements this month. Here’s what I read. … Continue reading

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My first run back

I decided not to worry about running while I was abroad. It was only nineteen days, and I knew each day would be packed, so a commitment to running while I was there would only make me feel bad about … Continue reading

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Embracing emotion

What struck me first was that he had the head and hair of an adult on the body of a boy. This is fairly common in boys – young men? – of a certain age. He bore other marks of … Continue reading

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The Choir of St Clare

Our last day in Assisi I was resolved to see the one Fransiciscan sight that had yet escaped me: San Damiano. Though I’d seen the San Damiano cross earlier in my trip at Santa Chiara, I wanted to escape Assisi’s … Continue reading

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L’Eremo delle Carcieri

Two weeks at a music festival is enough to have any soprano singing “The Desire for Hermitage“, so it was fitting that I left my trip to the Eremo delle Carcieri for the beginning of our third week, after a … Continue reading

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St Mary of the Expressive Religious Art

A few nights ago I was introduced to an elderly woman who is writing the history of her parish, Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi. I feel bad for some of the “other” churches in Assisi. In the shadow of the … Continue reading

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On visiting Santa Chiara

My mother chose Clare as her confirmation name because she was born in a Franciscan hospital the day after Clare’s feast, and the sisters there at the time made a big deal about it. Years later, upon learning that Chiara … Continue reading

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Three sounds of Assisi

We went out for a passeggiata after our first dinner in Assisi, slowly mounting the steps of the perfectly preserved town, out bodies aching from the luggage we’d hoisted across continents for the prior 24 hours. After descending some brick … Continue reading

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Seven things I’m looking forward to in Italy

Since I leave for Italy in four days, it’s hard to think about much else (even though there seem to be a hundred other things that need my attention). I considered writing “seven things I’m anxious about preparing for a … Continue reading

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Learning a new language

In just over a month I will fly to Rome and stay in Italy for almost three weeks. It has been five years since the last time I traveled to my favorite destination. That last trip was the occasion for … Continue reading

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