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Seven things I’m working on this summer

With the weather finally turning warm in Boston, I am starting to dream of the semi-leisurely days of summer that are right around the corner. Slowly my academic-year responsibilities drop off, and I have more time here and there. This … Continue reading

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Yes, of course, always I love you: Moments from a retreat

There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by. A life of good days lived in the senses is not enough. The life of sensation is a life of greed; it requires … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, volume 19: Thankfulness edition

— 1 — Since just yesterday America celebrated its holiday of gratitude, I figured I’d make this weeks 7QT all about those things I’m grateful for. Every year I realize I am very grateful for food. I’ve always loved it, … Continue reading

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Letting pop music save my sanity, if only for a moment

Friday afternoon was like too many have been lately: stuck in traffic, on-and-off rain, snaking my way along the interstates to my sweetheart’s on the weekly three-hour pilgrimage one of us makes each week toward the other. I had passed … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, Volume 11

— 1 — I am very excited to be taking my first trip to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend. We didn’t go anyplace like that when I was growing up because, well, (gross overgeneralization alert!) we weren’t rich, but I’ve always … Continue reading

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Seven quick takes, volume 6

— 1 — Maybe I’m foolish, but when I walked into my doctor’s office this morning and cheerily announced “I only get sick three times a month now!” I expected her to be happier for me. Instead, she ordered more … Continue reading

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Praying for Rain

I had what I thought were some pretty good reasons for being distracted at the vigil mass. We had been traveling for what felt like an eternity, driving from New England to Indiana to visit my brother. The Cathedral we … Continue reading

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7 quick takes, volume 4

        — 1 — I’m in a car crossing Ohio today. So there’s that. My brother, of whom I am very proud, is a broadcaster for the Fort Wayne Tin Caps this summer, and I am off … Continue reading

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Almost back

The Amtrak was 20 minutes late when it rolled into the station and we all wormed our way on. I quickly found an open seat next to a small dozing man and started attempting to acclimate myself to the car’s … Continue reading

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Learning to be lonely

When I spent a summer singing in the Italian countryside a few years ago, I had a roommate for the first time in years. I found out during the course of our time together that she thought I was horribly … Continue reading

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