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West Virginia report

I have returned triumphant from my West Virginia adventure, with a Creation performance under my belt and only a few near catastrophes. Friday I was very lucky to get a ride from a friend to the airport after working all … Continue reading

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NOLA Day 2: 2/6/09

Our first morning there I made sure to rise early enough to have time to figure out how to use the coffee pot without an audience surrounding me. After a quick breakfast we all loaded into the vans and headed … Continue reading

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NOLA Day 1: 2/5/09 – The Flight

I sprinted from work to the airport on Thursday afternoon to meet up with everyone for the flight to New Orleans. We were flying through Houston on Continental (which, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure still existed). The longer … Continue reading

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Notes from NOLA and the way home

I returned late last night from a service trip to New Orleans. The trip was life-giving and refreshing and I hope to write in detail about it in installments. But lets begin from the end: the thrill of touching down … Continue reading

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Greetings from Roma!

We are settled into a very small hotel room in Rome after a long bus ride down the mountain this morning. Yesterday we all went to San Marino. That bus ride was probably the worst I have had on the … Continue reading

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Seen in Novafeltria

I have meant to write about this since we got here: There is a small profumeria on the same street as the school, which is run by a wonderful woman who lives on the same street on which I live … Continue reading

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Not much to report today

Bohème is out of town tonight, but I stayed behind because one of our scenes is going up before the one-act. It’s like a ghost town when Bohème is gone. I got started on scrubbing the kitchen today, since landlords … Continue reading

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Language Barrier

I was thrilled to find a copy of the International Times lying around today, since I have been remiss in keeping up with the news since I have been away. I was less than thrilled to find that Anheuser Busch … Continue reading

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WARNING: This is going to be one of those “today I woke up. then i walked across the room” posts. Apparently the crazy dogs who scream at me on the corner are skinny enough to get through their gate. This … Continue reading

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Much like watching someone skydive with a faulty parachute, observing the dollar’s free-fall has been an oddly thrilling and awe-inspiring experience (although with significantly less schadenfreude). I took 100€ out of the Bancomat today, and don’t even want to think … Continue reading

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