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Come si dice ‘my friends told me to come home with an Italian guy and I pick you’?

Yesterday we went to Venice. It was my second time visiting, and I don’t think I would go out of my way to go again. We saw St. Mark’s, the Rialto, and wandered the shops in the blazing heat for … Continue reading

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The Neapolitan Dialect has five words for fart

There are some things that truly can only be learned when you are in another country. Today was a fairly uneventful Saturday. I was able to spend a lot of time in the practice room, practicing a bunch of arias … Continue reading

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I love acqua frizzante

My two big expenses on this trip will most likely be bubbly water and internet access. Both of them are necessary for my continued well being, so I am willing to spare the few Euros a day. I have had … Continue reading

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Days in Italy: 3 …Streetsweeper sightings: 1

As I was dozing this morning, waiting for the shower to free up and enjoying a few more minutes of bed, I dreamed of the weather in Boston. I heard the rain splatting outside my window, and saw in my … Continue reading

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Siamo arrivati!

After 8 hours in the air, 8 at the airport, and 6 on a bus I have finally arrived in Novafeltria! The town is charming, no one speaks English, and it is far away from just about everything. A few … Continue reading

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On the road again…

After much soul searching I decided to keep a record of my upcoming trip. I leave shortly for a summer program in Italy. I have been trying to think in Italian more the last few days, in hopes that when … Continue reading

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