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That time I lived with the Rwandan nuns

As soon as the sisters moved in, I thought sweet, I will be able to tell stories for the rest of my life about ‘that time I lived with the Rwandan nuns’. I had been living in an old convent … Continue reading

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The Book Thief

When I was a freshman in high school we were given the assignment of writing a short story. Our teacher warned us: “Freshmen always want to write bloodbaths. You don’t have to kill people off in your stories.” Nobody told … Continue reading

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Retreat Review: What I read

One of the great joys of my retreat was being able to do a lot of reading. Lately I find myself getting sucked into my iPad too often in the evenings and spare moments, and I haven’t been reading as … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, volume 23

— 1 — Merry Christmas, everyone! I took a break from quick-taking (take-quicking?) last week because I was putting together my series of posts reflecting on the O Antiphons. It was a very healthy exercise for me during the late … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, Volume 11

— 1 — I am very excited to be taking my first trip to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend. We didn’t go anyplace like that when I was growing up because, well, (gross overgeneralization alert!) we weren’t rich, but I’ve always … Continue reading

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7 quick takes, volume 8

— 1 — I’m reporting here from the land of “better late than never” because I spent the day sitting outside. I’ll be taking my leisurely attitude into the post with some short takes. — 2 — I think we … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, Volume 7

— 1 — I’m at Tanglewood! The summer home of the Boston Symphony must be one of the most gorgeous places on earth. I have often said that when musicians die, if they go to heaven, it looks like Tanglewood. … Continue reading

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Listening to silence

What would you hear if you sat in silence? I just started reading Thirty Days: on retreat with the exercises of St Ignatius , having finally schlepped over to the Boston Public Library’s central branch to borrow a copy. I … Continue reading

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The Resignation of Eve: Ribs, Backbones, and the Body of Christ.

“So…how do you deal with being Catholic when they won’t let you lead?” That question, particularly sigh-inducing, is one I get frequently (along with “What about the Crusades?” which is often asked when I admit to teaching church history – … Continue reading

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The impossibility of “home”

But where, after we have made the great decision to leave the security of childhood and move on into the vastness of maturity, does anybody ever feel completely at home? – Madeleine L’Engle, A Circle of Quiet I do not … Continue reading

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