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Truth and Beauty: Dandelion Wine and the year I volunteered

About this time ten years ago I was packing up my car to move to a small New England city to work as a full-time volunteer teacher as part of an Americorps-esque post-graduate program. While there I met some of … Continue reading

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Bigger is not better: The Omnivore’s Dilemma

As one of today’s chores I put away the 90-day supply of meds that was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got back from a weekend away. I stashed one bottle in the basket on top of the … Continue reading

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Almost back

The Amtrak was 20 minutes late when it rolled into the station and we all wormed our way on. I quickly found an open seat next to a small dozing man and started attempting to acclimate myself to the car’s … Continue reading

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The sidelines of history: How the Irish Saved Civilization

Supreme egotism and utter seriousness are necessary for the greatest accomplishment, and these the Irish find hard to sustain; at some point, the instinct to see life in a comic light becomes irrestistible, and ambition falls before it. – William … Continue reading

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War and Peace

I admitted recently that I may have set my expectations a bit too high for the summer that is currently beginning. The months from September to June made up a challenging season, which is why when I met with my … Continue reading

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Swimming through the Chaos

When your spiritual director gives you a book subtitled “Breaking through when life is breaking down“, you know you’re in trouble. Last night went like this: become fatigued, eat a sandwich, sing a mediocre audition, crash on the bed, talk … Continue reading

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Finishing War and Peace by Pentecost

I had to go back and look through old posts to see if I had already used this title, since I thought about using it last year when I set the goal of reading War and Peace by Pentecost. The … Continue reading

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Loving the Church: My response to Andrew Sullivan

One of the significant downsides to “doing” theology professionally is having to follow religion news. I am expected to know about anything in modern culture that even remotely has to do with religion. That is why I had to swallow … Continue reading

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It is convenient that just at the point that I feel I can’t take another second of my packed-solid routine, I come up on a two-week break. I have burned the candle at both ends, had a lot of balls … Continue reading

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In Memory, part 2

After yesterday’s post on memory I spent some more time thinking about the concept of anamnesis, the fancy theological word for remembering in the Eucharist. Because I study liturgy I feel like I have to understand that word, but in … Continue reading

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