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In Memory

There have been blessings in my life that I didn’t deserve, all because I have a strong memory. A strong memory meant high grades, impressive test scores, a large vocabulary, all those things that put a person on a prosperous … Continue reading

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Such and such a person

She had taken the wrong brush in her agitation at Mr. Ramsey’s presence, and her easel, rammed into the earth so nervously, was at the wrong angle. And now that she had put that right, and in so doing had … Continue reading

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Kind and Merciful

“I don’t want harmony, for the love of mankind I don’t want it. I want to remain with unrequited suffering. I’d rather remain with my unrequited suffering and my unquenched indignation, even if I am wrong. Besides, they have put too … Continue reading

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Searching for the Real

Not only do I keep the seemingly anachronistic phone books that appear annually on my doorstep, I use them from time to time, and this weekend I found myself searching for the directory’s latest incarnation in order to look up … Continue reading

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Lost in a Book

Four years ago my then-boss let me go through a few books she was planning to give away. I assume I acquired some ministry references that day, but the book I remember taking was White Teeth, the name of which … Continue reading

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Set down this: Making peace with the Magi

If you’re looking for a way to get me riled up, hide one of my favorite books. Two nights ago I couldn’t find my edition of T. S. Eliot. It was Epiphany and I wanted to read “Journey of the … Continue reading

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What I do is me, for that I came.

Even for someone as prone to tears as I am, I know I have finished a good biography if I cry at the end when the subject dies. The last book that moved me like that was Christophe Wolfe’s biography … Continue reading

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a few classics revisited

Have you ever gone back to a book, or a restaurant, or a play that you really loved, only to find it disappoints you upon revisiting it? Ever since re-reading The Catcher in the Rye when I was 23 or … Continue reading

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