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Stay Focused: my guest post at

Dan at asked me to write some advice to catechists for his series of the same name. There was only one catch: I had to limit myself to 600 words! As always, there was a lot I wanted to … Continue reading

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Faith and Innovation Summit, October 4

Lest I be accused of burying the lede, let me begin by saying this is the story of how I was added to the speaking roster at an upcoming Faith and Innovation Summit. I have a friend named Sam. He’s … Continue reading

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The privilege of being heard

One of the first things I usually notice when volunteering at a food pantry or shelter is how eager the people are to talk. Many times the poverty of not having food and the poverty of not having shelter are … Continue reading

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Meeting Youth “where they’re at”: My guest post for Jonathan F. Sullivan

I’m a few days overdue in sharing this, since last week was devoted to sharing old work while I slave away over my latest writing project. When Jonathan F. Sullivan asked me to guest post on his blog about catechesis, … Continue reading

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Seven things I’ve learned in five years of blogging

Yesterday I marked five years of blogging at Felice Mi Fa. (A glimpse into my brain: I was convinced the anniversary was today. Then I saw yesterday a tweet that it has been five years since the great Tim Russert … Continue reading

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Seven things I’m working on this summer

With the weather finally turning warm in Boston, I am starting to dream of the semi-leisurely days of summer that are right around the corner. Slowly my academic-year responsibilities drop off, and I have more time here and there. This … Continue reading

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Stage makeup at Mass

If I were better at marketing myself, or at least at branding my blog, I would just do one thing, and write about that. Do the people who visit the blog because they want to read about singing and performing … Continue reading

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A quiet week, and a guest post

I was so disappointed as the week drew to a close that I didn’t expect to be able to pull together my 7 Quick Takes for the week. I have had a love-hate relationship with this practice: first I wrote … Continue reading

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The top seven pieces about the marathon bombings

What a week. As I struggled to make some sense of what happened at the Marathon on Monday, I did a lot of inarticulate, impassioned writing. Because I had so much trouble finding the words to express myself, I was … Continue reading

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The things that can’t be undone

Last week I was driving down the street when three young women came out of a cafe in the middle of the afternoon. They were dressed in a manner that indicated they wanted to beĀ perceivedĀ a certain way: dyed black hair, … Continue reading

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