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Meeting Sister Helen

When I was an undergrad at a fine Jesuit institution, Sister Helen Prejean came to speak. I didn’t know much about her then. The movie Dead Man Walking had put her memoir of the same name further into the spotlight … Continue reading

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Retreat Review: What I read

One of the great joys of my retreat was being able to do a lot of reading. Lately I find myself getting sucked into my iPad too often in the evenings and spare moments, and I haven’t been reading as … Continue reading

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Fueling Love (my guest post at Jordy Liz Blogs)

Jordy at Jordy Liz Blogs invited a number of bloggers to write about how they are expressing their One Word for 2013 in love. My One Word is Fuel, so today I am sharing how filling my tank helps me … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes volume 28

— 1 — Like most of the rest of the country, we have been experiencing Mother Nature’s mood swings this week. It started off frigid, as it was for most of last week (that’s when I start my “why do … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes volume 25

— 1 — I’m feeling the love! When I published my lament this week that I don’t have anything catastrophic to write about, I did not expect everyone to tell me how great I am in response, but I’ll take … Continue reading

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Maybe I should have messed up my life more.

I learned early that I really don’t like the feeling of regret. Perhaps it’s the pangs of too strong a conscience or simply what they call Catholic guilt, but I’m really uncomfortable with looking back on something and being ashamed. … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, volume 17

Please allow me to repeat myself! I found that almost everything I was going to write about today I’ve already written about at length. So enjoy a shorter than usual 7 quick takes and feel free to click through to … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, volume 16

— 1 — Much as I suspected, when jumping on the Seven Quick Takes bandwagon 16 weeks ago, I have a terrible time remembering which “volume” each entry should be, and always have to go back and see what the … Continue reading

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I should keep a journal

If I kept a journal, there are things I would remember. For instance, I’d remember specifically what it was my mother asked me that sent me into a frightening burst of shouting and tears about a year ago. Knowing what … Continue reading

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Why I’m not posting today (and a question, because I’m nosy)

I’m forgoing my usual Monday afternoon post in order to bang out rough drafts of the two articles I’ve had rolling around in my head for what feels like forever. I have a terrible habit of not writing anything down … Continue reading

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