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The God who holds

I had become so accustomed to not wanting. My life was easy. Great family, job I could be proud of, self sufficiency, supportive friends: I had a satisfying life. Then in the course of just a few months I had … Continue reading

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7 things I’ve learned from St Francis

Today is the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, which has always been a notable feast for me but which has taken on greater significance after I spent three recent weeks in Assisi. That town is rich in Franciscan history, … Continue reading

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7 ways to make your life easier

I saw a tall woman the other day. Immediately I was seized with the “grass is always greener” mentality, one that I’ve outgrown, as I thought “my life would be easier if I were taller”. I felt that way a … Continue reading

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As Autumn Encroaches

For a week or so now I have been increasingly anxious for no good reason, snapping more at the people I love, freaking out a little worse when I spill a drink or break a glass. This is the time … Continue reading

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L’Eremo delle Carcieri

Two weeks at a music festival is enough to have any soprano singing “The Desire for Hermitage“, so it was fitting that I left my trip to the Eremo delle Carcieri for the beginning of our third week, after a … Continue reading

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On visiting Santa Chiara

My mother chose Clare as her confirmation name because she was born in a Franciscan hospital the day after Clare’s feast, and the sisters there at the time made a big deal about it. Years later, upon learning that Chiara … Continue reading

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Seven things I’m looking forward to in Italy

Since I leave for Italy in four days, it’s hard to think about much else (even though there seem to be a hundred other things that need my attention). I considered writing “seven things I’m anxious about preparing for a … Continue reading

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5-year rewind: Life is not ended, just changed

In honor of┬ámy five-year anniversary blogging at Felice Mi Fa, I am sharing five of my favorite, most meaningful posts. I wrote “Life is not ended, just changed” in a state of profound grief during the summer of 2009. The … Continue reading

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Seven ways I’ve been fueling myself in 2013

Tomorrow is the first of June, which up until I did the math a moment ago I thought marked the halfway point of the year. Turns out we are only 5/12ths of the way through the year, but that won’t … Continue reading

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Hardwired for Hope

While I was on silent retreat this past winter I found myself drawn to the psalms. I came to the retreat with my own litany of woes, and heard in the voice of the psalmist the faith-through-troubles that was characterizing … Continue reading

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