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Stage makeup at Mass

If I were better at marketing myself, or at least at branding my blog, I would just do one thing, and write about that. Do the people who visit the blog because they want to read about singing and performing … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons I Love Being Catholic

Would that I were a papal scholar and could write a brilliant post on the sede vacante. Instead, I’ll stick with the Catholic theme and tell you a few of the reasons I love being Catholic 1. My family I … Continue reading

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Moving the cantor

Church has always mattered to me. I don’t know what it was about it that attracted me as a kid: the people there, the activities after, the light through the stained glass, the booming of the organ. Even when I … Continue reading

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Staying open to grace, even when we don’t approve

There’s a priest who I often hear who has a liturgical style that, shall we say, does not suit me. When he randomly shouts out “The Lord be with You!” because he’s forgotten where we are in the mass, I … Continue reading

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When it’s an obligation

In the wonderful world of the Catholic liturgical calendar, this past weekend was a big one: Immaculate Conception on Saturday, with observance of the Second Sunday of Advent beginning at sundown. Since Immaculate Conception is a day of obligation, Catholics … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, volume 15

— 1 — Yesterday I wrote “Four Alternatives to Killing Your Pipe Organ” in response to a Boston Globe opinion piece that really irked me. Diana linked to it over at the PrayTell Blog as well, which flatters me to … Continue reading

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Four alternatives to killing your pipe organ

This morning in the Boston Globe was an opinion piece that got my blood boiling before I had even left the house. Jennifer Graham writes To revitalize the Church, let’s kill all the organs! While I appreciate her observation that … Continue reading

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