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On crime, women, and Southie

Over the last few days there have been attacks in Boston that are very, very close to home. I wasn’t there when they happened, though I was in the immediate aftermath, and have been following the story from not-too-far. Some … Continue reading

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Laughter as a sign of hope

My neck is itchy. Ever since I began my adventures in auto-immune disorders, the skin problems that I thought had disappeared after childhood have resurfaced, and lately they have manifested in an itchy neck. Looking in the mirror yesterday I … Continue reading

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The curious incident of the chives in the night time

I walked out my back door this morning to a shocking sight. Shocking I say! My basil and chive plants, in cute matching pots, who go by the names of Bert and Ernie, have disappeared from my pathetic attempt at … Continue reading

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Being Irish

For my 8th grade graduation, my mother promised me a claddagh ring because, as she put it, it was the only way anyone would know I had any Irish ancestry. My fair mother suffered 8 long years with her only … Continue reading

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Stuffed with grace

What part of speech is “religious”? If you answered “adjective” you’re right, except, of course, when religious is a noun. Now remember: a religious is religious, but you can be religious without being a religious. Teaching is difficult for countless … Continue reading

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Socks for Christmas

The Christmas after my apartment was burgled, my brother seized the opportunity to replace some of the items that had been taken. He didn’t buy me a new camera, or a new rosary ring, but hit up his college bookstore … Continue reading

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Try, try again

My immediate family has never had a birthday present ritual. If someone sees something they like want to give someone, they buy it, and maybe give it to them on their birthday, or maybe give it to them whenever, or … Continue reading

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A necklace

The morning of the day my apartment was broken into I decided on a whim to take off the gold cross I had worn nearly every day since I was twelve and to put on a silly star-shaped necklace instead. … Continue reading

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The Can Lady Consortium

Any BC alum who was paying attention (or who ever set foot in the mods) is well aware of the Can Lady, who trudged around campus on Saturday and Sunday mornings retrieving our empties from bushes and sidewalks. Even the … Continue reading

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Little Luxuries

I was dreaming out loud about a particular appliance that I would purchase if I lived a more extravagant lifestyle, and my mother decided she would buy it for me for my birthday. So on Saturday, after church, we went … Continue reading

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