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7 tips for new religion teachers

So, you finished that theology degree that everyone rolled their eyes at, and you’ve found the holy grail: gainful employment in your field. I was in your position a few years ago, except without the theology degree. If I knew … Continue reading

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Children of Eternity: the Boston Prays Together interfaith prayer service

I was proud of so many things while watching the prayer service in response to the Boston marathon bombing. I was proud of my city, proud of its leaders, proud of its faith community, proud of its artists, and proud … Continue reading

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Seven great things from a talk with Paul Farmer

Earlier this week I attended a talk titled “Accompaniment: Liberation Theology, Solidarity, and a Life of Service“, with Paul Farmer of Partners in Health in conversation with ┬áRoberto Goizueta of Boston College’s Theology Department. It was a well-organized and inspiring … Continue reading

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A surprising reason a Jesuit Pope could be good for the Society of Jesus

In my many years at Jesuit institutions I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Ignatian ┬áspirituality described as social justice and intellectual curiosity without any of that pesky “Catholic stuff” weighing it down. I imagine poor Iggy spinning … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, volume 17

Please allow me to repeat myself! I found that almost everything I was going to write about today I’ve already written about at length. So enjoy a shorter than usual 7 quick takes and feel free to click through to … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, volume 15

— 1 — Yesterday I wrote “Four Alternatives to Killing Your Pipe Organ” in response to a Boston Globe opinion piece that really irked me. Diana linked to it over at the PrayTell Blog as well, which flatters me to … Continue reading

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Margaret Farley and me

I know how to keep my mouth shut. It’s a skill I rarely exercise, but it’s one I have. When people look at you as someone who knows her faith and her religious history, sometimes you get questions you don’t … Continue reading

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In praise of irrationality

I have always had mixed feelings about dear Aquinas. After all, his name is Thomas, and he contributed a lot to the Church, and as Amy Welborn tells us in her Loyola Kids Book of Saints (one of my personal … Continue reading

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Serving two masters

I have to ask you to forgive me the pun, ever since I started working on my second masters degree seven long years ago, I have dreamed of making a joke about “serving two masters”. And today, the day after … Continue reading

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Recklessness with words

I love words. I love the way they sound in my ears and feel in my mouth. I talk too much. I use 100 words when I could use ten. I overindulge. My favorite topics are the inexhaustible. I love … Continue reading

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