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Seven Quick Links after a busy week

This post was originally going to be “7 things we should have shut down instead of the government”, but all I could come up with was Hooters. — 1 — I love a good pen. These are what I’m writing … Continue reading

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The land of the free

The anthem was too slow for my taste, but I’m particular about my Star-Spangled-Banner tempi. We were gathered at the start line, bouncing up and down to stave off the early morning chill. The national anthem, sung by a talented … Continue reading

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7 not-so-quick Hartford Half-Marathons

This weekend I will run my eighth Hartford Half-Marathon, my tenth halffy over-all. After a dismal start to my half-marathoning career at the New Bedford Half-Marathon on a brutal wintry day in 2006, I have learned a lot about myself … Continue reading

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7 things that made me happy this week

I’ve been trying to get a lot done this week, including practicing, paperwork, catching up on email, writing and running. Much to my surprise I found myself tired and a little stressed. So rather than a long, intellectual 7 Quick … Continue reading

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Chasing Carrageenan

On one of my many trips to the neighborhood health clinic, driven to its basement exam rooms by the unexplained, as-yet-undiagnosed compulsive vomiting that had taken over my life, I was given a piece of friendly advice by the young … Continue reading

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My first run back

I decided not to worry about running while I was abroad. It was only nineteen days, and I knew each day would be packed, so a commitment to running while I was there would only make me feel bad about … Continue reading

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5-year rewind: To reach the goal is nothing else but the will to go

In honor of┬ámy five-year anniversary┬áblogging at Felice Mi Fa, I am sharing five of my favorite, most meaningful posts. I have always really liked this post entitled “To reach the goal is nothing else but the will to go“, which … Continue reading

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Seven ways I’ve been fueling myself in 2013

Tomorrow is the first of June, which up until I did the math a moment ago I thought marked the halfway point of the year. Turns out we are only 5/12ths of the way through the year, but that won’t … Continue reading

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Why I Run: My guest post for Jennifer Luitwieler

Jennifer Luitwieler has a great series on Why I Run, and I finally got my act together and wrote my manifesto. I run because it gives me something to be bad at! People who are athletic have no understanding of … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes, volume 19: Thankfulness edition

— 1 — Since just yesterday America celebrated its holiday of gratitude, I figured I’d make this weeks 7QT all about those things I’m grateful for. Every year I realize I am very grateful for food. I’ve always loved it, … Continue reading

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