7 Quick Takes, volume 3

— 1 —

First, thanks to everyone for celebrating our own “Ignatian Awareness Week” here on the blog. Inspired by Loyola Press’ “Find Your Inner Iggy” promotion I went back through the archives to find the best examples of my inner Iggy made manifest. Next week is the Feast of St Ignatius, and even though I’ll be busy with the International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education, I hope to find time to get a post up about the Spiritual Exercises.

— 2 —

It’s the day of the show, y’all! At 8 pm tonight the curtain goes up on Orpheus in the Underworld, and I make my first appearance in a “pants role” (aka I’m dressed like a boy). That’s the only spoiler you’ll get from me though. If you want to find out more, gotta go to the show.

— 3 —

Something’s going on with Chick-fil-A – have you heard about it? Just kidding, of course you have heard about it. Let’s just say…I have thoughts, and they are too numerous to fit in a quick take. I should point out that some of the clips of our fine mayor (affectionately nicknamed “Mumbles”) feature remarkably clear diction.

— 4 —

I went to my favorite breakfast place today with a friend visiting from out of town. I had to watch her eat my favorite sandwich while I sipped green tea because my belly was feeling a bit off. Sickness has taken the joy out of eating and that makes me deeply sad.

— 5 —

Chances are good I will see my mama this weekend at the Sunday matinee. I was very excited because a rubber duckie she had given me was selected to be a prop in Act II. Later I learned that the prop is used in a sex toy gag. I have already warned her.

— 6 —

At the advice of my acupuncturist I made some ginger tea from scratch and am now drinking it iced. It is very, very strong. Is there such a thing as having ginger breath? Because I think I’ve got it.

— 7 —

I have had three herb plants for over a week now and miraculously they are all still alive. I don’t trust myself with plants, and I get the feeling plants don’t trust me either. But for now, I’m cooking with cilantro.

Enjoy the weekend everybody! Up to anything fun or interesting?

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