7 Quick Takes volume 18: St Margaret’s Day edition

— 1 —

As a kid I relished time spent with my dear grandmother Margaret, riding the city bus into downtown Hartford, pulling the cord to let the driver know to let us off at the G Fox building, and being treated to lunch which came in a nifty bag. These memories exist just on the edge of my memory, since she died just before my first communion. Sometimes one of her sisters-in-law named Margaret would come along and it would be a full blown Margaret Party.

Today is the Feast of St Margaret of Scotland. Perhaps my favorite things about liturgical calendar is that it helps me remember so many things – not just the heroic story of Margaret of Scotland, but also the sanctity of my grandmother, and perhaps even my own holiness, and all that binds us together.

Margaret Party!

— 2 —

Ever since I entered the Jesuit orbit my name day has been overshadowed by the anniversary of the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador. Remember them today and pray for peace.

The struggle against injustice and the pursuit of truth cannot be separated. -Ignatio Ellacuría, S.J.

— 3 —

Last night I heard a report on NPR about the new parish configuration plan in our archdiocese. The report was accurate but had some disappointments. For instance, they seized on the cardinals use of the buzzword “evangelization”, and then implied that meant “recruiting new priests” and “bringing back lapsed Catholics”. While those are both worthy goals, I can assure you that’s not the entirety of what the Cardinal meant when he used that term.

Also, the only quote they got was from someone who has been occupying a closed church for 8 years, part of a church community which went through the canonical appeal process and had their appeal rejected by the Vatican. Obviously this person is not going to have anything positive to say about any plan of the Archdiocese, which makes me wonder: are reporters looking for people with something interesting to say, or people with an axe to grind?

— 4 —

I guess I should have put this one first, but I’m hoping the parish configuration plan goes well. I am a little spoiled because my parish was already matched with another and they have been working together since before I moved to the parish. My hope is that this plan, which puts parishes into collaboratives, will allow more church buildings to stay open and more communities to stay intact while not overburdening the staff that serves multiple parishes. I know it is going to be painful and I know a lot of people were not thrilled with the consultation process, but I’m staying optimistic.

[BREAKING: There’s a brand new website just on this project. So all you ecclesiology nerds should check out Disciples in Mission]

— 5 —

I’m also optimistic that I’ll be back in fine voice for an audition this weekend, and most importantly for my show coming up the first two weekends of December! You can catch me as Grace Farrell in Annie at Riverside Theatre Works in Hyde Park. It’s a very fun production and the orphans are awesome!

— 6 —

It’s hard to believe next Friday I will write my 7 quick takes on the other side of Thanksgiving! Not only does Thanksgiving mean vegetarian gravy and eating in sweats, it also means the yearly running of the Manchester Road Race, one of the most festive and historic races in the country. It’s rowdy, it’s loud, and there’s always a lot of old Hartford Whalers gear. The only downside is that it gets so crowded you can barely run. One year I got stuck behind someone dressed as a carton of milk who could barely move his legs. I’ll be sure to fill you in on this years hot costumes.

— 7 —

For the thirty-something-est year in a row, I am not responsible for cooking on Thanksgiving, but I might try to whip up a little something extra for the table (as long as I do it ahead of time and therefore stay the &#*($(*^@*@& out of my father’s way on Thursday). Any suggestions for a fun (easy!) vegetarian side? What’s on your menu?

Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes volume 18: St Margaret’s Day edition

  1. Jillian L says:

    I’m making a very easy cranberry relish (think microwaveable) that doesn’t even have to be reheated so that I will be able to stay the &#*($(*^@*@& out of my mother’s way in the kitchen on Thursday. Let me know if you want the recipe!

    PS I read every entry you write, but this is the first time I’ve commented. Love you and your blog!

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