The Look on God’s face

I have been in a long-distance relationship for quite a while. Not a very long time, but a long time.

For all the challenges of this, there has been one benefit: even after years, we are still delighted to see each other every time we are together.

Even at the grocery store, if one of us goes to gather the dairy while the other remains in the produce section, our eyes light up with happiness and relief when we meet each other again in the pasta aisle.

I wonder if that’s how God reacts to us, despite having been with us every moment of our lives. I imagine that’s the look on God’s face when seeing us: alight with pleasure, beaming love.

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5 Responses to The Look on God’s face

  1. I was going to hit the “Like” icon, but then thought… “no, I don’t like this, I LOVE IT !”

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